Life in the mobile world.
In today's business environment where the use of technology is now driven by mobile, we need to be concerned about how organizations choose to handle every day tasks securely and efficiently. The use of mobile devices in the work place brings security, expense management, secure file sharing and overall device management into question but Reliant's full suite of mobile services provides the right solutions for your individual needs. 

Mobile Device Management

Protect data loss from lost or stolen smart phones and tablets, helping enterprises comply with security and privacy regulations. Mobile Device Security, Mobile

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Mobile Expense Management

Data-intensive communications like text messaging and mobile email are rapidly exceeding voice-based usage on smartphones and tablets. In turn, mobile 

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Mobile File Management

or Enterprise File Sharing and Syncing solution that allows IT to provide a simple and secure method for users to access, share and sync their files

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Mobile End Point Security

Bring Your Own Device has become a big factor in corporate settings. With personal PC, smartphone and tablet use in business settings rising

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Mobile Application Development

Application development is in high demand. To cater to the soaring demands of global clients looking for reliable application development services, Reliant Tech

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Mobile Application Managament

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