Web Development

Web Development

Engaging, Interactive Web Sites: Is your web site static? Out of date? Not finished? Do you wish you could add an automatic slide presentation or something else that would grab viewers’ attention? Is content missing or unclear? Are you not showing up in Google search queries? If you can answer yes to any of those questions, then speak to Reliant. Our team of web developers, copywriters and technicians can make the necessary assessments and keep you in the loop as to what new web site construction or a much makeover of your current site would entail. We can arrange for you to have a continuously updated blogs feature that feature better organized written material using keywords that get you noticed. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your next web development project.

The Responsive Web Site

This brings us to our next service on offer, responsive mobile design. If you access an ordinary web site that has not been created or altered to fit a hand-held screen, you will find a number of problems: a) The type will be difficult to read on a scale so small; b) any pop ups or promotional banners will now engulf most of the screen; and c) it will be difficult to discern where in the site you landed. With responsive web design, the mobile-adjusted site will not remain this way on a PC. Our developers can make an existing site or create a new site that simply adjusts to the screen of a mobile device once it is downloaded.


Customers enjoy being able to shop and finalize purchase orders online. Even if you are a seller of services and not goods, nothing will ever beat the convenience of being able to pay a bill or finalize an order online. If you provide us with photos or images or your products, our developers will easily be able to arrange a display page with pricing and links to order forms. If you wish, we could also incorporate customer reviews (★★★). If your site is mobile friendly, customer purchases can be made on the go on an individual’s mobile phone or tablet. If not, we can help mobilize your ecommerce site so that it is easily read and navigated on a hand-held mobile device.

Custom Solutions

Reliant knows that developing a web site for business is never a one size fits all scenarios. It is a process where all the heavy lifting starts with discovery and ends up with a functional business tool you can use to generate leads. A well-done web site can validate you to your prospects and referrals and help sell your product or service just as if you were standing there to do it yourself. At Reliant, we want you to not only conform to today’s standards in web design but also exceed them with custom solutions that set you apart from you competition. When someone is searching for your product or service, we want you to be the one they find, and the site they choose to spend time on when making a decision. That is our commitment to you.

Search Engine Optimization

Results that come up on the first page of google are referred to as SERP. Search optimization takes into account the most recent set of Google’s rules for how web sites will be ranked within the search results pages and applies them so that your web site places as close as possible to the top of the first SERP. Optimizing a web site includes technical aspects, such as creating headline and meta tags that conform to and match the actual display text, as well as creative aspects such as including the right amount of (working) video, photo, and other media files for content richness. Most of all, many do not know that having and regularly adding content to a blogs and/or newsletter tab greatly improves one’s position in the search results pages. Reliant can handle all aspects of SEO, just ask us how. 

Insights and Analytics

Google Analytics can provide you with tremendous insight as to who is visiting your site, how long they are staying, what pages they land on and a host of other additional information you need to make effective business decisions. ReliantTech can help you understand this data so that you can see what is effective and what is not working on your site so you can make changes and adjustments in messaging as needed. It is not enough to install just the code, you have to check for trends and insights as to what is actually happening in real time. Bottom line, you may think you know, but chances are you can learn a lot when taking a peek underneath the hood.

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Why It Matters

When you are building a web site and creating your business presence online everything matters. Construction of an effective business tool starts with a solid plan. What are your objectives? Is my content ready? Does it convey my corporate culture? Is what I am displaying talking to my customer and is it designed to get a response that leads to an action? If you cannot answer these questions you need to start the conversation with one of our consultants. We can save you time and money on endless changes with a single phone call. Call us today


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How We Program

ReliantTech has the ability to program in multiple languages. Our experts will determine which is the best platform for your site based on the overall business objectives of your project. Here are some examples.

Navigate the Mobilesphere with ReliantTech.

We offer the right solutions for all your mobile needs. 

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