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People socialize, shop and research the opinions of others using social media. Social media helps to make you and your brand accessible to your existing and prospective customers. Customers certainly appreciate having questions and concerns addressed directly in real time. This builds brand trust.

In addition, when issues can be discussed and resolved, or when some type of assurance is given online directly to the customer, this is when lifelong relationships can be established. In turn, online platforms can be excellent for displaying positive reviews about your organization. If you handle customers well, then conversations with positive outcomes will also be visible for the world to see. Reliant Tech can help craft online promotions and other material that would increase awareness of your brand in a social media setting using all the social media outlets you have heard of and even some that you haven't!

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Ever wonder how certain businesses get the customers who look for the same keywords that characterize your business? Now, with PPC services offered by Reliant Tech, you can pre-specify and bid on keywords that are most relevant to the products or services you offer. PPC involves placing ads for your website in the search results associated with target keywords and phrases. It helps to do your homework in advance to find your targeted keywords and phrases will be. However, the professionals here will be able to assist you with a few ideas of their own! Our experienced team will then consult with you to find like words or phrases that are the most cost-effective to minimize expense. You should be aware that words that are in high demand are more expensive to purchase for PPC campaigns. As this could be an unfolding process, we will always stay on top of evolution in keywords most frequently used and what customers tend to search for the most.

E-Mail Marketing

Professional HTML Emails from Reliant Tech are part of customized email blast campaigns that have a reasonably high-click-thru-rate and readership. They can be instrumental in creating long-term repeat customers who will respond to additional offers and information you send out on a routine basis. Imagine what letting your database know upcoming promotions, and strong calls to action can do for your profit margins! E-Mail marketing blasts sent to a targeted audience or even a sample audience of various business verticals is an amazingly powerful technique that the writers and web developers here at Reliant Tech can help you implement for your business. Email marketing is a great way to stay in front of your audience routinely and that is a good thing.

Site Retargeting

This is another way to stay in front of mind for your target audience. Only here, the customers who have left your site are the ones who will see your advertising. Once these “lost” prospects have visited your site, albeit for a very short period of time, they will receive a cookie designation so that no matter what web site they visit thereafter, they will receive banner ads and other promotional content relevant to your business, reminding them of your brand. Continued exposure to your brand encourages them to revisit your site and possibly partake in the offers and webinars that they weren’t prepared for initially.


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Why It Matters

When you are building a web site and creating your business presence online everything matters. Construction of an effective business tool starts with a solid plan. What are your objectives? Is my content ready? Does it convey my corporate culture? Is what I am displaying talking to my customer and is it designed to get a response that leads to an action? If you cannot answer these questions you need to start the conversation with one of our consultants. We can save you time and money on endless changes with a single phone call. Call us today


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