Idea Management

Challenges Faced by Business

While trying to make processes simpler & more productive, businesses come across a number of challenges in finding the effective ways to - Make their company website more effective in serving customers Integrate IT purchasing across several divisions in a better way Enable customers get solutions for their problems via their company site Use on-line tools for minimizing customer service calls Back-up company's valuable data to avoid data loss due to system failure Just because a specific technology is hit in the market doesn't imply to adopt it straight away. You need to be aware of the various aspects related to the available technologies to pick the most suited one for your company. So, how to decide whether a particular technology is the right one for your firm and if you are missing on a crucial one. Well, with Jenni, you get the right solution to all such questions.

The Information Technology department in your organization requires regular updates due to the constantly evolving nature of IT. Due to various advancements in the field of IT, it becomes essential to keep track of such changes to formulate the future IT strategies accordingly. Your company's technology infrastructure should remain flexible as per the varying requirements of your customers.

Choose Jenni

By utilizing Jenni, you can facilitate the innovation process right from problem & goals identification, idea generation to their systematic evaluation & implementation. Using its intuitive & user friendly portal page, employees, customers and partners can easily submit their innovative ideas for evaluation. Users can place votes & comments, initiate discussions and add building blocks with blogs & wiki’s. and users can connect with other users having similar interests by means of social networking tools & interfaces.

Collect & Evaluate

Jenni for IT professionals offers an easy way to access steady flow of creative ideas that enable ease of addressing the technology advancements in an efficient manner. Using this amazing tool, you can have an easy reach to all stakeholders to use technology for betterment of all areas of your business. When you use it within your organization, the details of your company's infrastructure, security and other processes become more clear.


A successful innovation program involves collection & evaluation of innovative ideas. Evaluation is required to judge the suitability of the collected ideas for implementation. You can leverage on the Idea management capabilities of Jenni to increase the number & quality of collected ideas. Using Jenni, multiple solutions can be had for a single problem. So, you get the facility to evaluate the collected ideas to choose the best one suiting your requirements. 

The Process

Idea clustering
Pooling related ideas together to derive the most efficient solution.
Idea Evaluations
Measuring the collected ideas against your business criteria. For each evaluated idea, Jenni compiles expert evaluation scorecard besides a detailed report.
SWOT Analysis
Jenni allows for SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats) analysis of selected ideas to compile SWOT score card. The best ideas are determined by combining Expert Evaluation score card with SWOT score card.


Idea Tracking - tracking ideas to keep all idea contributors informed and rewards distribution based on a fixed criteria.

Income Projection Tool - allows you to project ROI on your innovation process by tallying financial projections for each submitted idea.


Easy Export of Ideas – Using Jenni’s development / export tool, you can easily export ideas from Jenni to other software tools for the purpose of making business presentations.

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