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What is MirroCloud?

All Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) searching for the right & effective Cloud Computing technologies should look no further than Reliant Tech's MirrorCloud that is a major component of the modular & scalable SmartStyle Computing platform. Unlike other Cloud service providers offering Cloud computing service in New Jersey, Reliant Tech presents a revolutionary business continuity Cloud solution called “MirrorCloud” that provides surpassing scalability, fault tolerance and redundancy to SMEs. Leveraging on this advanced solution, users can increase storage & CPU capacity as per their requirement. Depending on need of supporting multiple production servers and customer's business continuity, Reliant Tech can add additional MirrorCloud nodes to scale any given site to a complete SmartStyle Private Cloud.

Delivered as a Turnkey Solution MirrorCloud offers the following advantages:

What Happens When Your Server Fails?

In case an application server failure occurs, this solution provides a local standby server ( via progressive data mirroring ) that effectively handles the situation. Optional backup capability to a MirrorCloud secure Datacenter is also available by using any IP network.

Experience Simple Data Recovery

In case of such an incident such facilities allow for you to experience easy data recovery and application access if the site failure situation is more severe. This is an essential continuity solution that allows for easy running of virtual servers & desktops in any real work environment.

Total Microsoft Window & Desktop Server Support

One thing you can count on when utilizing MirrorCloud services is that it supports all Microsoft Windows desktops & servers. We offer effective and on-going 24x7 support by a well equipped network operation center that encompass constant active monitoring, troubleshooting & recovery.

Additional MirrorCloud Features

As we can see the use of the MirrorCloud Services offered by ReliantTech offers many features and benefits. With our continuous data mirroring, fail-over virtualization, live bare metal restore, and Granular MS Exchange recovery you have all the fail safes you need to protect your business.

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