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  • 15 Minute Back-Ups
  • Seamless Off-Site Data Storage
  • Standby Server Capabilities and more.

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Business Data Recovery Services

An organization's business data is as precious as the employees working within that organization. With that said, do you have a tested data backup plan or a well-conceived recovery strategy that keeps your internal processes fit & running irrespective of any failure? Well, you can rely on Reliant Tech for that part for sure as they offer a complete Business Data recovery (BDR) solution for all small to medium enterprises at reasonable prices.

How Does Our Data Recovery System Work

Reliant Tech uses a unique technology based on network attached storage (NAS) to perform data backup. As per requirement, a NAS device can be configured in just 30 minutes to operate as a standby server. This unique device effectively replaces error-prone tape backups that are quite hard to manage. While performing data backup at block level, actual 1s and 0s in hard drive are captured, essentially avoiding any failures pertaining to open files. Data from local NAS device is transferred to redundant off-site storage facilities. Reliant Tech's IT service desk operations center takes care of all aspects related to on-site and off-site solution 24x7.

All Encompassing BDR Solutions

Available for all supported Microsoft servers, Reliant BDR solution offers:

  • Frequent backups (every 15 minutes) with multiple restore points
  • Smooth and secured off-site data storage
  • Standby server capabilities Advanced restoration options - file-and-folder-level restorations (with Exchange message and mailbox recovery) and Bare-metal restorations to different hardware

Food For Thought

  • 75% of all organizations will experience data loss.
  • In the USA alone over 140,000 hard drives crash per week and every year over 2 million laptops are stolen.
  • 60% of all companies that experience data loss will be out of business in 6 months
  • Data loss due to outages, or disasters can cost a company approximately $25,000 a day and up.
  • Can you afford not to take prevention seriously?

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